OER Services

Open Educational Resources (OER) Services are a set of activities that aim to support the creation, use and sharing of high-quality educational materials that are freely available online. OER Services include:

  • Search and find OER: This service helps users to locate and access relevant OER from various sources and platforms.
  • OER Management: This service helps users to organize, store and manage their OER collections and portfolios.
  • Author and modify OER: This service helps users to create and edit their own OER or adapt existing ones to suit their needs and contexts.
  • Publish and remix OER: This service helps users to publish their OER online and make them discoverable by others. It also helps users to combine and remix different OER to create new learning resources.
  • OER Licensing: This service helps users to understand and apply appropriate licenses to their OER, respecting the rights and preferences of the original authors and contributors.
  • OER Networks: This service helps users to connect and collaborate with other OER practitioners, communities and organizations, both locally and globally.
  • OER Business Models: This service helps users to explore and adopt sustainable and innovative ways of funding, supporting and scaling up their OER initiatives.
  • OER Grants and Funds: This service helps users to identify and access potential sources of financial support for their OER projects and activities.
  • OER Research: This service helps users to conduct and disseminate research on the impact, effectiveness and challenges of OER in different contexts and domains.
  • Training: This service helps users to develop their skills and competencies in using, creating and sharing OER.

OER Services are essential for fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation and openness in education. They enable educators, learners and institutions to access, create and share high-quality learning resources that can enhance teaching and learning outcomes, reduce costs, increase access and promote social inclusion.